Twitter Marketing Essentials Course

Twitter Marketing Essentials

Twitter For Business Owners 101 | taught by Nathan Hague

Course description

Facebook is about who you know. Twitter is about what you know: It's all about what's happening right now at any given moment, and if you can tap into the power of those live micro-conversations, then your business can't fail to get clients. Yes. Really.

SOoooo. In this series of lectures, I'm going to show you how to use Twitter as a business owner: Literally from "what is Twitter" all the way through to growing your email list using Twitter - and even how to find clients that will pay you for your products and services!

I'll start with the absolute basics, and work up with videos to a level where you will be a tweeting business owner, with sales in mind.

My teaching style is fun with zero fluff - it's all about getting you productive and profitable in the shortest time.

Any questions? Sure thing - you'll need to tweet me (!) using @australiawow

Nate October 20th, 2016

Nathan Hague
Nathan Hague
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