Raising Startup Capital Bootcamp

Raising Startup Capital Bootcamp

Battle-Tested Startup Finance Advice For Australian Startups | taught by Nathan Hague

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Nate here, with Pete Cooper from Skillion.

Between us, we've raised around $300,000 in startup funding over the last few years - and we're getting better at it!

We made LITERALLY every single mistake you could make, because like you - we had no real complete info resources that were focused on raising capital for Australian startups - it was all really for American ones.

So - we made our mistakes and learnt from them and now we want to bring YOU the course WE wish was around at the start!

Both Pete and myself have broken down the entire startup funding process for you, and we explain it in detail in a way that won't make your eyes glaze. We deep dive on topics but keep it entertaining and informative, so you retain the knowledge we give you.

By the end of our course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the different startup finance options available to you as an Australian Startup
  • Develop a killer pitch to Investors
  • Know how to craft an insanely great pitch deck to put the Investors' jaws on the floor
  • Avoid the ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE one thing that some Investors use to really hurt you (ESSENTIAL VIEWING!)
  • Be super-confident in being able to know what sort of questions you commonly will be asked - and know how to answer them the CORRECT way (yes - the way the Investor is ACTUALLY wanting you to answer them!)


We don't want to hype this up - we just wanted to create a bloody great course for you that gives you the essentials without the fluffy feels.

Oh, and as a bonus too? The course will be added to, as we come across new info.

And you STILL want more? Heh - we already like you! So Pete and I run SydneyStartups.com.au, and we have some VERY cool additional bonuses that will be revealed to you once you're inside. Trust us - these bonuses are literally worth THOUSANDS of dollars in their value, but we don't give them away until you've completed this course 100%

So what you waiting for? Investors are giving out money to people JUST like you. Do this course. Get them to give YOU money!

Nate + Pete

Nathan Hague
Nathan Hague
Senior GrowthHacker

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